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London is the Place for Me
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first frost: reading

霜降 shuāngjiàng / 霜降 sōkō / 상강 sangkang
菊月十五 / fifteenth day of the chrysanthemum month


I was in Artwords Bookshop to pick up a copy of Union and noticed that the new issues of Dapper Dan and Acne Paper are out; I'll have to return for both. Dapper Dan often casts handsome and intriguing men for their covers and fashion editorials (though only the first adjective applies to this issue's cover) and I like the photography of Vassilis Karidis. Acne Paper is the only enormous recurring publication I allow into my house because it's exceptional. This issue offers a choice of three covers but it's a choiceless choice for me: I'm going for the Richard Serra version.

It's always uplifting to browse the magazine shelves of this shop as there are bound to be niche titles I've never encountered. The magazine industry must be going strong, no? This visit's discovery is The Gourmand and it opens with a quote from Epicurus.

I like dining with loved ones and I like eating alone.


At London Bridge station, I was skimming through Tate Etc. and various marketing bits and bobs fell out from the pages. This one I held on to. It's a promo in the form of a name-card for a book I'm not sure if I'll read.