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major snow: reading

大雪 dàxuě / 大雪 taisetsu / 대설 daeseol
冬月初六 / sixth day of the winter month


Issue 11 of Grey has a focus on skateboarding in some countries in Southeast Asia.


I really like this picture of an all-girls skateboarding lesson in Cambodia; it is facilitated by Skateistan (go read about what it is doing).

I like it not because I am a campaigner for girls getting into skateboarding. Neither am I against girls skateboarding even though I grew up in the context of it being a male-dominated activity. It suits me either way. I just really enjoy seeing a social behaviour introduced into an environment where it is unfamiliar pick up or is led to form new associations. Watching construction at work. Reminds me of the early days of a part of the world exploring the world.